Agenda for 10/17 Meeting

For next week’s meeting, we should all have at least one idea of what to do with the Robert Neuwirth space. This is an artist space in Bed-Stuy that has hosted events such as PopUp Shop where artists and creators emulated an informal market and functioned without the use of hard currency. We would like to help put on an event in this space that takes our theories, thoughts, passions, and interests and puts them into practice. Taking the laboratory out of the classroom and into the city.

This shouldn’t be a difficult task to cause stress, it should be something you are interested in doing and related to a topic you care about. It does not need to be original either, if you have an example real or imagined that will help the process!
We plan to spend next Friday in our usual space, 65 West 11th (in the room behind the security guard) working out the details of an event we will have in Bed-Stuy at Robert’s space. This will be in conjunction with HubUb folks and hopefully some people from outside our program/school/etc.
The goal is to have a well-formed idea of what we want to do and an understanding of the steps that needed to be taken in order to execute this idea. So please come with some ideas on themes, areas of interest, and/or project examples. Also, bring an appetite because we had far too much leftover today.

Happy Friday!

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