Slum sanitation in Mumbai: Transnational networks and Urban Policy Making

Doctoral candidate Achilles Kallergis presented his current research on slum sanitation in Mumbai. His principle research questions are:

  • How transnational advocacy networks generate policy change?
  • Can they generate deeper institutional changes?
    • At what price? (question of efficiency vs. equity).

His Hypothesis is that the multiple streams model can help us understand the creation of a policy window and the elaboration of participatory sanitation delivery. The movement infrastructure model can help us understand the impact of transnational networks on the policy structure.

Some of his findings:

  • The combination of the multiple streams and the movement infrastructure models seem to provide an adequate framework for the analysis of the particular case.
  • What seems to have been a shifting point was the coalition between slum dwellers movement, SPARC (an NGO-professionals) and the WB (policy entrepreneurs?).
  • It seems that the infrastructure of the slum movement has played significant role in pursuing policies of service provision through a participatory approach.
  • Therefore, based on this case we can argue that there is a policy change and perhaps a shift in the power relations within the institutional arena.

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